My Travels: New York


I've recently returned from an epic adventure to America. We did a little tour of the East coast, New York, Miami and the Florida Keys. I took so many pictures I'm going to split each location into a post. So today I'm starting with New York.

I've always dreamed of going to New York from watching scenes in films and TV shows most of my life. So many amazing things are filmed in NY. From Friends to Sex and the city, Ghostbusters to I Am Legend and a countless number of other films that are shot there. It's such an iconic, historic city and a must see city of the world. As I turned the big 30 this year I wanted to escape and celebrate/commiserate in a far away land so what better place to do it than New York!

As a first timer to New York I was desperate to cram in as much as possible into our 4 nights in the big apple. I've put together some snaps of our favourite spots. We did a couple of walking tours from this Lonely Planet book, which was great as we saw so much of the city just walking around. She didn't disappoint with iconic looking streets of West Village, the bright lights of Times Square, humorous signs, and interesting street art. An absolute highlight was the circle line tour around Manhattan island. I'd totally recommend getting an Explorer Pass which gets you a discount of multiple attractions in NY.

Walking across Brooklyn Bridge was really nice and you get amazing views of the city from the across the bridge.

 Another favourite was The Top of The Rock. The views of the city from the top of this skyscraper are breathtaking. We timed it around sunset to make the most of the views. I'd heard stories of tourists queuing for hours to get up the Empire State building so we decided to do the Rockerfella centre instead, and I'm so glad we did as we went straight up the lift and the top wasn't over crowded either. I'd recommend this as a must do if your planning on visiting NY yourself.

We visited the Museum of Modern Art on our last day. Here's a couple of favourites from their collection. Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe. And Vincent Van Gogh's portrait of Joseph Roulin.

There are some beautiful natural areas of NY too, central park being the most famous. We cycled around this but it was so much busier than I expected! Maybe because there was a charity race on and it was a Sunday so there was alot of runners, cyclists and dog walkers. We also walked on the Highline which is an old railway which has been converted into a garden space. It was also a great way to get to the Meatpacking district, which was one of my favourite areas on NY. Full of artisan ice cream shops, lovely garden style eatery's and great bars.
We also paid our respects at ground zero, which is such a beautiful memorial. It's a very moving place and so much bigger than I ever imagined. I was moved more than expected in NY actually from the memories of the horrific scenes of 9/11 to the history of the immigrants coming over in the 1900's to make a better life in the land of opportunity. It's a surprising, mesmerising and intriguing city and we just scratched the surface. As our tour guide said on the boat tour around the island, you need a year and 1 million pounds to explore it properly.

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