My Travels: Miami


In part two of my epic adventure to America, we flew into MIA for a few days before hitting the road for the final part of our holiday. We stayed on South Beach near 2nd Street. It feels more residential at this end of Miami Beach. The middle is a little crazy with tourists and people partying, which isn't my thing anymore really. It was very different than I imagined Miami to be. I guess I was expecting it to have a posher vibe about it, I thought it would be full of models sipping cocktails is super cool bars, middle aged men in supercars, I guess a kind of St. Tropez feel. But it wasn't like this at all. It was a bit run down really, I guess years of being a party town has taking it's toll. The sunsets over the harbour where break-taking, the colours are unbelievable, my photos really don't do it justice. The beach is just perfect with silky soft white sand, tall palm trees and adorable wooded life guard stations. I loved all the art deco buildings too, it's like stepping into the 1920's It's just a shame that many of the beautiful buildings are now cheesy bars and tacky souvenir shops! Miami is the perfect gateway to The Florida Keys so from here we hit the road on Highway 1. An unbelievable road built over the ocean, connecting sleepy islands together (The Keys). I'll be posting some inspirational photos I gathered of Key West in my next post, so stay tuned.

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