DIY Plate Wall


A fantastic way to decorate your dining room or kitchen is with your very own plate wall. This is a really easy way to make an impact on your home with very little money really.  I've started with a small collection of plates and I am aiming to add more to my plate wall as I go along. Start collecting some interesting plates. I'm a bit of a hoarder so I have had this collection of plates for a while now, a nice mix of vintage and brand new is a unique way of doing it.

You'll need...
About eight plates of various sizes
Disc plate hangers in various sizes
Masking tape
A hammer
Some small pin tacks/nails

How to...
Once you've collected your plates, attach a disc hanger to each one by wetting the back of each hanger with water and leave to dry for 24 hours.

Firstly lay your plates out on a table or a floor, play around with the composition until you are happy. Keep the spacing consistent between each plate. Take a photo of your arrangement for reference later.

Lay a sheet of newspaper under each plate, one by one, draw around each plate and cut out a template.

Following the layout you worked out on the floor and your photograph from earlier, tape each circle of newspaper to the wall in the position you want using masking tape.

Once your happy with the layout grab a pen and mark the center of each circle.
Grab your hammer and a tack and position the pin tack approx 5cm up from the central point of each circle. Hammer into the wall leaving half of the tack out of the wall to hold the plate. Follow this step for each newspaper template.

Once the nails are in position, remove the newspaper and hang each plate to the correct nail, hey presto!

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