Norfolk Getaway


Last weekend we took a little trip to North Norfolk, we were very lucky with the weather as it's been a bit hit and miss lately. But the sunshine was out which made the seaside the best place to be. It was super windy but there's really nothing better than filling your lungs with the sea air! It was Bertie's (our little sausage dog puppy's) first trip to the seaside and he absolutely loved it. He spent the weekend digging and sniffing in the sand, dipping his toes in the sea and playing watchdog for our little beach hut which we hired.

When I discovered you can actually rent a beach hut for a few days I was so so excited! I love traditional beach huts, they are so iconically British and the huts at Wells-next-to-the-Sea didn't disappoint. The colours and detailing are so beautiful! I took far to many photos but these will come in handy for a project in the future I'm sure. I found this amazing website where you can find beach huts for rent daily (Around £25 a day) and also weekly rentals, which I highly recommend They are little adverts and you can get in touch with the owners directly for all the details and prices. 

I finally put my new beach towels to use too. They really came in handy when walking on the beach, just throw them down on the sand and enjoy the views. They really are beautiful quality and print is so lovely and crisp considering they are a fluffy toweling. The designs are hand drawn by me in my studio at Welbeck. There is a deck chair design and an ice cream van design to choose from, I couldn't pick a favourite so I got both!

Beach Towels £20 from my At Home with Ashley Thomas collection 
exclusively at

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