Studio Sneak Peek: Part 1


Last month I had some photos of inside my studio from Photographer Ben Bonswell.
I thought I'd share some of these as it's a nice insight into the process behind my designs.
All my designs start as a drawing or painting. Everything, even patterns start as a little doddle and are all hand drawn. This photo is a snapshot of one of my desks, I have 2! One for creative mess (above) and one for formatting, designing on the computer. Above is my inspiration wall, I collection all sorts of things everywhere I go, from postcards to paint swatches.

Here's me doodling away, working on a peony illustration. Nothing ever came from this drawing by the way, only a small percentage of designs actually make it to a final product.
Which is all part of being a designer, sometimes ideas are rejected and it's back to the drawing board, or desk!

Above is a close up of some water colour flower heads.
These did make it onto a product, my new age cards which you can see in my online shop.
Sometimes the quick paintings are the best as they are more expressive and are not over worked.

Hope you like this unique sneak peek into my world. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!

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