How to: make a tissue pom pom


How to make your own Tissue Pom Pom

These tissue pom poms are perfect for decorating presents and also look great in a table setting on top of napkins to make your Christmas table really have the wow factor.

1. First decide what size you’d like your pom pom to be.
The pom pom will be slightly smaller than the width of the strips you cut.

2. Cut four strips the width you’d like your pom pom
(about 35-40cm long).

3. Next take an edge and fold it over approx 1-2cm.

4. Repeat the folds, back and forwards into a concertina, ending up with a thin strip of folded paper.

5. Take some string and tie around the middle of your strip, tie a double knot one side and then the other.

Cut the excess string, leaving a long piece to tie around presents or for easy hanging etc.

6. Cut the edges into a semi circle, either side of the strip. The corners should be rounded.

7. Starting with one edge, fan out one side. Start with the first layers and separate each of the four layers, bringing them toward the string in the middle. Do this carefully so not to tear the paper.

8. Repeat the other side, separate the layers bringing them outwards to form the pom pom.

9. Shape the pom pom filling the gaps and carefully twist the middle sections to hide the ribbon in the centre.

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