DIY Gingerbread House Tags


These gingerbread house inspired gift tags are a cute way to add a special touch to your presents this year. They are a little time consuming but and worth the effort.
They are really easy to do and if your not very creative yourself then just follow my tag designs and you'll be really pleased with the result.

You'll need...

Brown kraft card
White marker pen
String or wool
A needle

To make...
  1. Cut the kraft paper into small rectangles approx 6 x 8cm
  2. Cut the tops of the rectangles diagonally to form a pointed top.
  3. Take your marker pen and doodle a gingerbread house, start with the outside and work inwards. The more detail the better. Feel free to follow my tag designs as a guide.
  4. Let it dry and then taking the needle and string, pierce the top and thread through some string.
  5. Cut at desired length and attach to your pressies.

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