Swallow Feature Wall


I've just finished my swallow feature wall in my house, I'm really pleased with the result and it was easy peasey to do. Here's how to do it in your home.

You'll need... 

  • Patterned papers, I've used my own signature patterns from my new card collection of course. But you could use vintage wallpaper, thick gift wrap or any patterned paper (the thicker the better)
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Swallow template
  • A camera
  • PVA glue or wallpaper paste
  • Medium sized paint brush
  • An old tea towel

How to...

1. Save the swallow image below and print it (make sure you set the scale to fit an A4 page)

2. Cut out around the line, this is now your template.

3. Gather your collected patterned papers and using the swallow template draw around it on the back of the paper.

4. Cut out your swallow and repeat until you have your required amount of swallows.

5. Lay out your swallows on the floor to get the composition right and take a photo as a guide.

6. Make sure you choosen wall is free from dirt and dust, then take your first swallow.
Paint the back of the swallow with glue or wallpaper paste and position it on the wall.

7. Rub with an old tea towel to help smooth it out

8. Use your photograph as a guide to help position the swallows in the right place.

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