We're all going on a summer holiday...


This time of year, for me is full of hope and optimism with plans of getting away to sunnier climates and daydreaming of exploring new corners of the world. Packing normally fills me with dread. I have no idea what to take and normally pack way too many clothes and don't end up wearing half of it!
I've put together this holiday checklist to help with packing the holiday essentials, to help take the stress out of it all. And here are my top tips on the perfect packing...

Less is more, with clothes you will not wear as much as you think, so pack for half the time you are going. You can always wear something twice or team it up with something else to make a new outfit.

Roll don't fold, most of the time you will not need to worry about ironing things when you get there if you roll your clothes instead of folding. And this saves so much space too.

Always put toiletries in a plastic bag or washbag, if it explodes in your suitcase this is a mess that will take forever to clean up and will take the joy out of arriving at your destination.

Take two pairs of sunglasses, they always break on the first day for me so take a spare to save you searching every local shop for a new pair.

Don't stress, you can probably buy items you forget when you get there, it's always hairspray for me! 

Print this holiday checklist to help with packing the essentials.

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