Studio Sneak Peek: Part 2


 Part 2 of my studio sneak peek shows more of an insight into the design process. After the doodling is done my illustrations and paintings are scanned into the computer...

Then they are manipulated into patterns or compositions, filled with colour and the fun begins.
The possibilities are endless. I spend a long time tweaking colours, experimenting with patterns and repeats. Every tiny detail in a design is hand drawn, each pattern collage is originally for example a flower drawing which has been re-coloured, repeated, re-scaled and experimented with.

The above photo shows an initial design "The Bakery" from my bakery illustrations next to a finished product, a bakery cookie jar. This is a product from my SS15 collection, exclusive to Debenhams

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  1. Hi ashley, always admire your drawing and your at home collection ... hope someday can visit to your studio.