Debenhams Bake Off


Last week I was invited to judge a bloggers bake off hosted by Debenhams. Twenty food bloggers came along to have lessons in trendy Islington within the kitchen of Jenius Social. A fab organisation which aims to create connections through food. I arrived just in time for the first lesson. We were taught to make cookie dough with different favourings. Then we tempered chocolate and made a variety of toppings such as honeycomb ready for decorating our cupcakes. After a champagne top up the bloggers got their game faces on, mixed up different coloured icing with the aim to make the most spectacular cupcake to impress me and Sarah from Kenwood. We had the tough decision to pick a winner who was fighting to win a brand new Kenwood kitchen aid. So the stakes were high! It was such a fun event hopefully we make it a regular event. Here's some fab photos below of the whole event.

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