Choux Pastry Swans


These Choux Pastry Swans look really spectacular when put together and I promise they are really easy to do. The hardest part is making the Choux pastry. It's all about being quick when adding the flour and sugar. Putting them together can be a bit fiddly but really has the wow factor for a dinner party. This recipes makes 6 beautiful swans.

You'll need...
For the Choux Pastry...
60g strong white flour
1tsp caster sugar
150ml water
50g butter
2 large eggs, beaten

For the Filling...
150ml double cream

For the Butterscotch sauce...
50g butter
50g Muscovado sugar
50g golden syrup
2tsp lemon juice
75ml double cream

To make...
Preheat the oven to 180oC.
Make the choux pastry first. Sift the flour and sugar together into a bowl.
Put the water and butter into a pan and simmer over a medium heat until the butter has melted, bring to the boil, when it's bubbling add the flour and sugar. Stir quickly and continuously until the mixture forms a dough.
Add the eggs a bit at a time mixing well each time. The mixture should be quite wet, smooth and glossy.
Make the swan bodies by piping the mixture into a cupcake tray, pipe in a circle into a round ball. Save some of the mixture for the swan necks.
Bake the swan bodies in the oven for 20 mins or until golden.
Allow to cool on a wire rack whilst you make you swan necks.
Pipe S-shapes onto a baking tray covered with baking paper.
Bake for 10 mins, or until they are golden. Allow to cool.

Whip the double cream in a bowl with an electric whisk until the consistency changes. It should be very thick and firm. Put in the fridge until you put the swans together.

Chop the top 1/3 off each body and cut the top in half to form the wings.
Spoon the cream into the bottom half of the swan and push the two wings into the cream to form a V-shape. Insert the S-shaped necks into one end of the cream and your swan is formed.

Serve on a saucer of butterscotch sauce.
Make the sauce by melting the butter, sugar and syrup together.
Take of the heat and add the lemon juice then the cream. Allow to cool then pour onto a little saucer and top with you spectacular swans.

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